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The contemporary element

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

A design project is a commitment that as a designer we make to our client. By integrating our clients' creative concepts into a practical, well-thought-out plan, Project CBB's major goal is to turn every ordinary area into a one-of-a-kind space for all.

CBB is a 6000 sq. ft office, the area was divided into three zones, the executives, the managing team and the workforce of the office.

After a few permutations and combinations, we came up with the design and layout for the office keeping the balance between the Hierarchy.

CBB's concept is "Linking bank with customers," and these zones serve as a link. The highlights are the three zones of this office;

The conference room, for its unique table design, the entire room is played with different colours and geometries. There is also an abstract world map, which is again a symbolizing the Link of the bank with its customers.

In the customer meeting room, a diamond-shaped table was designed for this area, which represents "power”. The table has been symbolized as the power to link the bank with its customers.

The feature wall, located in the centre of the office was designed to symbolize the actual concept of the bank which we can also say is the identity of this office.

In Dubai, project CBB was my first design and execution work. Having a simple mission I aimed for the most inventive design viewpoints that one can count on during the design process.

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